Amazing doctor! I feel great after every appointment, the atmosphere is relaxing, clean and friendly. And the work he’s done to my spine has had a great impact on my health. I am a patient for “LIFE”!!!- Rachael L
I am a grown man in my 40’s. I have never been to a chiropractor in my life. Mainly due to growing up in a household that didn’t know anything about chiropractors so subsequently they had more fear about going to them , and unfortunately that was transferred on to me.I just grew up thinking i should never go to a chiropractor because they would only make it worse.I am here to tell you the complete opposite!!!!!! Dr. Hilt is highly intelligent, extremely intuitive and other worldly efficient when it comes to seeing and treating patients in terms of chiropractic knowledge and skill.

Before any xrays, before anything…he sat down and talked with me to pinpoint why i was coming to see him. (a friend has been urging me for years to see her but out of my own ignorance i was hesitant). Once we spoke in length, he did xrays, pinpointed my problem and immediately started treatment. Nothing agressive , yet
extremely beneficial.

I am a hairstylist of 20plus years, I have neck issues. As Dr. Hilt says, ” with a little work i am going to be just fine”.

And guess what people…..HE IS 100 PERCENT CORRECT!!!! I AM FEELING JUST FINE!


– Loius C

I have been seeing a chiropractor for over 8 years and for the all different places and practitioners I have visited — Dr. Hilt is hands down the absolute best. He takes the time to listen to you and fully understands the physiology of the human body all the while explaining to you what’s happening and what’s needed. After only a handful of visits, my body is humming, I am sleeping better and my overall vitality has increased. If you are considering chiropractic then you should go to Zen Chiropractic as it will be the place to heal your aches and pains. From the atmosphere to the people, you simply won’t find a better practice and practitioner.- Joshua M
My family has known Dr. Hilt  Once he opened this office, we started coming here. Chiropractic care has done wonderful things for my family. Dr. Hilt hasn’t just helped our spines and our backs, but also our general health, including high blood pressure, stress, tendonitis, mineral deficiencies and a number of other issues. Chiropractic care is total body care and Dr. Hilt is one of the best! For anyone nervous about their first trip, the office is such a relaxing, welcoming and friendly environment that you’ll feel right at home. I’ve referred Dr. Hilt to friends and family, and all have come back raving about the wonderful experience and wondering what took them so long to finally come to Zen Chiropractic.- Nisreen N
Dr. Hilt is sooo amazing. He is knowledgeable, professional, very cool, friendly, and as a bonus, young and attractive 😉 My lower back pain is no longer an issue ever since I’m coming to her for help. I was devastated and bitter when my back went out on me about seven months ago, and that was a disaster since I am a nursing student, constant be near the bedsides, helping patients on and off the beds.Before I found Dr. Hilt, I went to other chiropractors, and the experiences were so awful, that I couldn’t tie my shoe fast enough to flee the sites. I am so grateful that there is such a caring, and professional chiropractor such as Dr. Hilt out there. Getting an adjustment from him every week is like a treat. The wonderful receptionist, Joyce, greeting you on the spot with her beautiful and healing smiles as always. The warming up chair prior the adjustment and the nice relaxation music background is so soothing. And after each adjustment my body feels so good. My sinus seems to be improved, my body’s circulation equally balances throughout. Everything becomes so clear all of sudden!!. Experience it yourself to know what I meant. I love having adjustments by Dr. Hilt. He is highly recommended.- Phuong L.
This a wonderful, convenient location to get yourself adjusted on a lunch break from work in the financial district. Dr Hilt is awesome and the staff are very nice. Very accepting laid-back environment.- Alex W.