Spinal Solutions

Conversely, if you just work on the soft tissue but the structure is still out of alignment then the muscle will return to being stretched or tightened state in only a matter of time. It only makes sense to go to a chiropractor who will address both components to help you feel better faster and keep that feeling longer. I do this by spending extra time with you and educating you on proper exercise, diet and wellness lifestyle. This will get you on your way to becoming healthy and not “just not sick.” I believe that health care should be focused on the prevention of disease by embracing a wellness lifestyle and educating the public how to live healthier lives. Unfortunately, health care in this country is currently more focused on the treatment of disease than prevention because that is “where the money is.” I encourage my patients to take charge of their health and spend their money and efforts on getting healthy, not just free of symptoms. This way you can live a longer and more active lifestyle well into their golden years.