Spinal Analysis

in the spine, muscles, and nerves, causing eventual tension to the body’s organs and systems. This can lead to varying states of pain and dis-ease. As these subtle touches/contacts are applied through NSA LEVELS OF CARE, the body/mind can begin to function in a more integrated, flexible, fashion, more easily recognize and respond to stress, while developing more advance strategies for life.

Each level of care is clinically designed to further the evolution of the spine into an instrument of great flexibility and support. It is an elegant process, allowing for graceful movement, self-correction of spinal distortion, and full range of motion of the human form.

The “filter” of the nervous system-through which we perceive the world- becomes clearer, manifesting new insight and opportunities for healing, and advancement of our wondrous potential.

As you emerge with new found ease and flexibility, the ability to “move with the rhythm of life” becomes effortless, and stress can then be used more as a stimulus for growth and change.

It is the exquisitely subtle nature of this approach that encourages physical and psychological defenses to literally surrender and invite:

Profound levels of healing, and heightened states of wellness.

Deeper insight and self-discovery to support higher levels of mental, emotional, and spiritual growth

Transforming old patterns of belief and programming to support a more empowering, dynamic life “story”

A fuller, more joyful way to experience the world