Holistic Healing

what it was designed to do – achieve vibrant and lasting health.

Today’s standard of medical care is to treat every disease and symptom with either a drug or surgery. The problem here is that prescription drugs don’t correct the underlying cause – the nutritional, biochemical or structural imbalances. In fact, prescription drugs usually create more problems and actually make it harder for the body to heal. Prescription drugs are only designed to treat symptoms, by activating or suppressing reactions in the body. These drugs were never created to do what is truly needed to get ones health back and that’s – rebuild and regenerate tissue and/or function. The simple truth here is, a chemical cure is not the answer to a nutritional, biochemical or structural imbalances.

As an analytical thinker and compassionate doctor, I find it completely unreasonable that the current medical community chooses to label the vast majority of body problems as ‘disease’ and to routinely intervene with a chemical cure or surgery, as the first treatment option. More often than not, the cure ends up being worse than the disease. Patients who choose an alternative or integrative medical approach often respond better to dietary, life-style changes and targeted nutritional supplements than to a plethora of prescription drugs.

Most individuals, particularly those taking multiple prescription drugs for chronic conditions, fare better in the long-run when those drugs can be reduced or eliminated. In fact, the majority of chronic body problems such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, low thyroid, high blood pressure and cholesterol can be managed successfully without the use of potentially harmful drugs or un-warranted surgery – if given a chance.

As an alternative and integrative medicine practitioner, we are not totally against prescription medication, as there are times when it is appropriate to use a medication. In fact, we routinely work with the patient’s medical doctors, in an integrative manner, sharing test results and formulating a plan designed to reduce or illuminate, if possible, their medication.

Alternative ‘natural’ medicine, on a gradient scale of treatment options, for most body problems, should be the logical first choice in health care. The reason being is that if dietary and lifestyle modification, along with targeted nutritional supplementation and exercise can’t handle the problem then there is always the medical option to fall-back on. This sequencing makes more sense because you can’t undo a surgery once performed or completely reverse the damage done by long-term pharmaceutical drug use.”