"A flexible spine creates a flexible mind."

When the spine is realigned through Chiropractic adjustment, energy can flow throughout the whole body which impacts the mind, body and soul.

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At Zen Chiropractic we offer a wide range of services and are equipped to treat an array of illnesses and ailments. We offer over twelve different techniques; we are equipped to treat anyone from a two week old baby to someone with osteoporosis, any everyone in between. Some of the chiropractic techniques we specialize in include (click image to read more)...


"The goal I have with each patient is to discover the precise dietary, physiologic and/or structural imbalance - that is the root cause of their body problem. I have found that the vast majority of today’s body problems are a direct result of long-term aberrations in both diet and lifestyle. With proper identification and correction, the body will do exactly (click on the above image to read more...)


Welcome to one of the most popular, talked about healing systems in the world today. Network Spinal Analysis, (NSA), involves the use of gentle contacts along areas of the neck and spine which alert the brain to release chronic life tension and trauma from the spine and nervous system. Unresolved stress will create tension (click on the above image to read more...)


The muscles and bones of the body work synergistically together so it makes sense to treat them together. If you just adjust the segment of the spine that is out of alignment and do not address the muscles acting on that bone the muscle will pull the bone right back out of alignment (click on the above image to read more...)

Zen Chiropractic helped realign my back and now my back pain has disappeared! Thank you Zen Chiropractic!